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Holiday Let Chic!

Did you know that Airbnb keeps a close eye on interior design trends?

The company really has a finger on the pulse of what is hot or not and what design trends are set to dominate in 2024.


Airbnb collaborates with the founder and artistic director of one of France’s leading creative digital magazines, GOODMOODS. Julia Rouzaud.

Julia conducts extensive research and analysis of industry publications and social media to share her top design predictions.

Classic motifs are making a comeback, but with a modern twist. From the timeless charm of Heritage Shaker to the captivating allure of Modern Mexican.


Tapestry Revival

This trend highlights opulent textiles and tapestries that portray captivating scenes, adding a sense of grandeur to interior spaces. Even the most modest properties can be lifted with the use of vintage tapestry designs on soft furnishings and wallpapers with complimentary colour palettes. A real touch of class for your short term rental.

Sculptural Black

Black is back in an array of textures and finishes, from glossy to matte, wood grained to marble. Sophisticated and sleek, all-black interiors make a statement. In the right space this type of scheme using statement pieces and a pallet of greys can bring the wow factor to a holiday let.


Heritage Shaker

The Shaker movement influenced the functionality of Scandinavian and Austrian designers in the 19th century. Streamlined and stripped-down, this trend can create the calm and peaceful space that guests are looking for.



Modern Mexican

A pop of colour anyone? The vibrant hues and geometrical patterns of Mexico are being incorporated into interiors. Rustic and mellow it embraces the colours of sunshine, baked earth fiery sunsets and chilli peppers. The right balance of the restrained and bold for your prospective renters.


Primitive Wood

Use of wood at its most elegant in its natural state. Offering a more organic, understated, and rustic style it offers your guests a welcoming but stylish interior celebrating craftmanship and good design.

Here at Toast, we appreciate that some of these trends may not be practical but they give a taste of what visitors to Airbnb are liking so variations of these themes are perfectly possible.

Give us a call today and see if we can help you make your short term let refurb or renovation the best it can be!

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